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Other Faculty

Jeannette Freeman is a licensed art therapist who was born and raised in South Dakota attending school on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. She brings to her teaching a strong background in the Creative Arts as well as body-centered processing skills. She presently is involved in research regarding indigenous art and healing practices.

Christopher Howard is presently a Ph.D Candidate in Clinical Psychology as well as a licensed marriage family therapist. In his private practice and research he remains dedicated in discovering and honoring the spirit of resiliency in trauma survivors and the role of one's ancestors and personal spirituality. He is a seasoned traveler with roots in ecopsychology and remains a serious surfer and practitioner of judo.

Suzanne Lopes is a licensed Masterís level social worker with a strong background in cross-cultural counseling and healing methods having worked with diverse cultures and their traditions. She is a dedicated student of folk healing and has had the opportunity to experience the work of indigenous curanderas. She has worked with all ages, groups and families, honoring the healing contained within cultural traditions.

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