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We give thanks for help unknown . . . already on the way
~ D. Olney

Photo (left to right): Calla Lily, Joanne, and Kochanie on the way to the Rio Grande.

Joanne Rossi is a licensed Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and practitioner and teacher of folk healing. She lives in a rural village in Central New Mexico, surrounded by vast natural beauty which inspires, heals and comforts. She continues to research indigenous folk healing methods throughout the Americas, weaving old traditions with modern approaches to energy medicine and psychology.

For over twenty years her work has been nationally published and presented. She continues to maintain an active teaching schedule in New Mexico, as well as both the east and west coast. Practicing, teaching and researching with her are a band of dedicated practitioners with backgrounds in art therapy, psychology, social work and folk healing. All remain deeply dedicated in providing teachings and services that enhance and respect the cultural and spiritual beliefs of others.

Joanne continues to present at national and regional conferences throughout the country, as well as related institutes. Her work has been featured on both television and radio series pertaining to mindbody studies. She is the Director of Rivervoice Couseling and Guidance Center where she and others provide counseling, healing services and spiritual renewal retreats.

Recent Presentations 2006-2007
Conference: New Mexico Women's Behavioral Health Conference
Presentation: Susto/Soul Loss: Integrating Spirituality and Culture in Trauma Healing

Conference: National Association of Social Workers Annual Conference New Mexico
Presentation: Soul Loss/Susto: Integrating Soma, Spirituality and Culture in Trauma Healing

Conference: Cuyamunge Anthropological Institute New Mexico
Presentation: Soul Retrieval and Folk Healing

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